Engaging, Map-based, Community Planning Tools Connecting Municipal Planners, Governments and Citizens.

Analysis Tools

Find Out what Your Citizens Really Think

Plan Together offers Simple, Clean, and Easy tools aggregating all crowdsourced activity occurring within your municipal area. This not only allows you to easily determine what your citizens think is important, but also lets you visualize their satisfaction and engagement levels.

The Item Handling system keeps track of which items you've already addressed or responded to, keeping you productive and organized.

Community Engagement Tools

Start a Continuous, Constructive Conversation

Officials can use Verified Accounts to respond on behalf of the municipality directly to posted Comments and Items.

Each response is highlighted by a special badge, ensuring users know that their ideas, concerns, and voices are not being ignored. By responding to citizens regularly, you can start an iterative community improvement process.

Official Items allow you to highlight desired points on this map; making announcements, issuing notices or asking questions.

Claim Your Municipal Tools

Contact Sales to Enable or Verify Area

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